2022 colorful design public chair assembly video

Color design public chairs for a bright and colorful life.

We need something color during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the young generations  Nowa furniture’s new design public chair brings more colorful design and high-technology products, this public chair can be used at schools, offices public spaces, canteen, coffee shops, airport, railway station, even at home.

Below are some basic but important info for our new design chair

  1.  ergonomic design: either on plastic seat design or back design, we use a computer to measure hundreds of people’s body shapes to give a more comfortable design shape.
  2. Colorful design:  single back can be in 2 or 3 color combinations, and the seat can be in single or double color, which brings more choice for the client our standard stock color(red, white/green, dark gray/light gray)
  3. technology design: in order to give more comfortable support to the body, and the back we use different hard materials joined together.
  4. Super lightweight: the whole chair is just about 4kgs ( dia16mm*2.0mm tube)
  5. easy to assembly:  pls see below YouTube video show for the detail https://youtu.be/xlhtmR-5N0Y

2022 colorful design public chair assembly video-NOWA-China Office Furniture, China Custom Made Furniture,

Red color public chair