patent technology office furniture

With know-how technology, we produce quality furniture products which can be used for a long time in different using areas.

Having 20+year furniture production experience, we know the quality important for each product. Good quality products not only mean safety but also good technology and craftsmanship.

It was our honor to supply these products to our clients in the past. Good quality will build a long-term business relationship even friendship.

By using different materials and patent technology, we can provide the market with trending new products.

For example making the PP+metal frame dining chair less than 3kgs, which old people and children can carry easily, Using mesh fabric seat (without any foam/nail) to replace the traditional foam seat not only saves the crude oil consumption also much easier to recycle, even can save AC powder by making AC to 24-27 degrees people’s body will not feel hot compared with the foam seat.

Some of these know-how technologies will bring a better life for all of us.